About Us

Our Story

After growing up in the fashion design and apparel industry, K&Bo founder Ty Compton had the vision to create a unique handbag brand that offers more functionality, more style, and more shapes, all at an affordable price. The goal was to create a line of bags that change as you change during the day. Thus, K&Bo was born.

The name K&Bo comes from Kynlee & Bo and is a combination of names that incorporates every family member in Ty’s family, including his wife and four children. His daughter helped create one of the first K&Bo designs.


Our Mission

K&Bo develops high quality, versatile, and extremely affordable designer handbags that cater to a wide variety of lifestyles and personalities. Every day we are breaking down barriers, defying stereotypes, and changing the world. You no longer have to fit a certain profile, you can simply BE YOU. Change your style, your look, your mood, and express yourself without limitations. It is not about you fitting the brand, it is about the brand fitting you. K&Bo was created for YOU.


Features& Benefits of K&Bo

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